3 Dance Moves That’ll Make Him Say, ‘Are These All Choreographed Dances From High School Musical?’

still from high school musical dance

Do you love dancing with your boo so much that you want to impress him with some fresh dance moves? Fortunately, we’ve gathered our favorite sick dance moves that will have him asking, “Wait, are these all choreographed dances from the acclaimed 2006 Disney movie, High School Musical?


Bop to the Top

Wanna show your boo how you can move? Throw on your favorite casually tilted fedora or asymmetrical ruffle dress, and get started with the vaguely Latin dance routine to “Bop to The Top”! With fun moments of your run-of-the-mill jazz hands and other theater dance moves sprinkled in, you’ll have him asking, “Is this that dance from High School Musical?” in just a few eight-counts!


Get Your Head In The Game

Is your beau a sports kind of guy? All you’ll need is a basketball, a hard surface to dance/dribble on, and a bit of hand-eye coordination to pull this off. Start with rhythmic dribbling, show off any basketball tricks you have, then, when the music’s going, transition into a part-modern-dance-part-basketball technique. This combo will have him ready to get his head and the game, and will also have him asking, “Is this that song Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron do together in High School Musical? Why are you doing this at my cousin’s bat mitzvah?”



We’re All In This Together

No dance is as wholesome, fun, and freaking cool as the grand finale of High School Musical: “We’re All In This Together”! Show off your wildcat spirit with a fun mix of cheer sequences, vibing with your high school buds, and your confused boyfriend who is just a little bit turned off now. Pump your fists on both sides of your knees and clap those hands in the air while he yells, “This is another High School Musical Dance. Please stop. I’ll watch it later with you if you just stop right now.”


With these three sexy, fully choreographed dances designed for teens, you’ll have your man recognizing them from the time he watched High School Musical with his little sister 14 years ago. Now get out there, and go bop to the top!