26 Body Parts You Can Pour Apple Cider Vinegar On

Looking for something to do? Why not apple cider vinegar? This pee-colored solution can be applied to just about any part of your body, and the results are pretty much what you would expect. You’ll be wet and smell like vinegar! Try pouring apple cider vinegar on these 27 body parts:


1. Head
What better place to start than your head? If you suffer from dandruff and also want to smell like a McDonald’s Playplace, pour some apple cider vinegar on the ol’ cabeza!


2. Legs
Do you have a bad case of legs? Try apple cider vinegar!


3. Feet

You can pour apple cider vinegar on your feet. Literally no one is stopping you.


4. Vagina

Are the pH levels in your vag out of whack? Before trying real medicine, pour some ACV on that stanky thing! It won’t work.


5. Eyebrows
Is your brow game basic? Use apple cider vinegar as a part of your daily beauty routine by applying it to your eyebrows with a brush. Couldn’t hurt, right?


6. Split Ends
Tired of pesky split ends? Douse them with some ACV. It sure will make ‘em wet!


7. Cuticles
A great way to add a little vinegar to your cuticles is by pouring apple cider vinegar onto your cuticles!


8. Skin
Do you seem to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare every year? Add $3 to that number by also trying apple cider vinegar!


9. Armpits
Say what??? Yeah, that’s right! If you have armpits, you can apply some ACV to them, day or night.


10. Warts
Pour some app-cid-vin on your warts! Maybe the scent will scare them away. But probs not!


11. Teeth
Need an excuse to get some apple cider vinegar in dat mouf? Pour some on your teeth! Chomp chomp!


12. Your Cat

If you buy too much ACV, try pouring a little bit on your cat! She probably won’t like that very much, haha, but it’ll be worth it, for the vinegar.


13. Stomach
One way to use apple cider vinegar is to pour it on your stomach.



14. Jellyfish Stings
Do you keep getting jellyfish stings? That’s weird. Pour apple cider vinegar on them?


15. Torn ACL
Do you have a torn ACL? Put some ACV on that bum knee before putting on your leg-brace every morning! Guaranteed to make your knee smell like fermented apples.


16. Sphincter

We all know why!


17. Bed Bug Bites

Do you have a series of small, red bites on your abdomen and neck? Chances are you have bed bugs! It probably won’t help, but have you tried apple cider vinegar?


18. Dentures

If you wear dentures, try apple cider vinegar. Maybe your teeth will grow back!


19. Fat
If you have visible fat, pour ACV on it! If the fat doesn’t go away, try pouring some onto your scale.


20. Moustache
Just can’t get enough of that appley cidery vinegary smell? Use a cotton ball to apply ACV to your moustache.


21. Sunburn
Apply ACV to your sunburnt skin as a way of saying, “If you get all peely I swear to god I will put more of this on you”.


22. Muscles
Are you crampy? Use ACV instead of massage oil. It’s not as oily, but it is more like apply cider vinegar!


23. Wi-Fi Router
Is your Wi-Fi on the fritz again? Even though it’s not a part of your body, you can pour some apple cider vinegar on your router.


24. Belly Button

What’s even in there? ACV, now!


25. Your Boyfriend’s Dick
Kinky? Stinky! AVC!


26. Elbow

Again, no one is stopping you.