20% of Released Clinton Emails Have ‘Test’ As Subject and Body

The State Department released nearly 3000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails from her first year as Secretary of State this Tuesday, discovering that over 600 emails only contained the word “Test” in the subject and body.


67-year-old Clinton appears particularly concerned with the functionality of her email service, at times sending multiple “test” emails in a row to members of the cabinet before conducting actual business. An additional 100 pages contain variations such as “Test?” “Test?????” “Testing…” and “Hey—just a test.”



The uniform response seems to be “Got it, Madame Secretary,” which is usually met by another email from Clinton reading, “TEST,” which was typically ignored.


In one particular exchange, longtime adviser Cheryl D. Mills sends Clinton several articles about troubleshooting email issues and patiently explains her personal approach to technological malfunctions. The records reveal that Clinton then put the web address of the articles into the recipient box of an email and tried to “test” emails to the website, causing bouncebacks to which Clinton did not respond.


Supporters of Clinton are thrilled by her fastidious commitment to communication. Critics, however, are still skeptical about Benghazi.