Yes! This Woman Was Named CEO to Distract From Her Company’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Talk about a win for feminism! When Voltex Industries of Knoxville, Tennessee suffered a very public sexual harassment scandal implicating several men in the organization, they turned the tables and proved they’re 100% pro-women by hiring Kimberly Bowen, their first woman CEO.


Like a true humble queen, Kimberly was completely caught off guard by the news.


“I knew the CEO was stepping down after everyone got sick of how they were handling everything, but I hardly expected to be tapped for the job,” she says. “Just last week they told me I was being ‘unprofessional’ by questioning their lack of action in this matter.”


What a win for women leaders across the globe!


“They actually didn’t even ask me if I’d accept the job before they put out a press release,” says Kimberly. “I don’t know what to do. The women who experienced harassment haven’t been apologized to or compensated in any way.”


“Kimberly has long been a respected member of our management team,” reads the announcement from Voltex. “And we’re so excited to see what she brings to the role of CEO.”



Kimberly still has not been told what her compensation will be, but an anonymous source indicates it will be significantly lower than what her predecessor made due to the company’s “legal costs”.


Still pretty cool, we guess!