Wow! This Lactose Intolerant Woman is Gonna Eat Those Mozz Sticks Anyway

Food sensitivities can be a pain, and sometimes, they can even be life-threatening. But 28-year-old Angela Wentworth is defiant in the face of her allergy: This courageous, lactose intolerant woman is absolutely gonna eat those mozzarella sticks regardless of what happens later!


“I’ve been lactose intolerant for as long as I can remember,” said Angela. “But I’ve also loved cheese for as long as I can remember. So I just deal with the consequences, no matter how horrible or traumatic.”


Talk about bravery in the face of struggle!


“Like, sure, I’m going to be in intense, crushing abdominal pain for awhile, and my poops are going to be kind of watery but also kind of burn on the way out,” Angela said. “Those are struggles that I’m willing to endure if it means I can go to town on those crispy, melty wands of cheesy goodness.”


Wow, we’re simply astonished that Angela could disregard her own physical well-being so easily!


Angela’s family and friends are concerned, but not surprised.



“She’s always been like this,” said Meredith Wentworth, Angela’s mom. “These aren’t the first mozz sticks she has eaten against her better judgement, and they won’t be the last.”


“I’ve seen her eat a whole bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup, just to throw it up,” added Kim Tran, a longtime friend. “People with gluten allergies don’t do this to themselves. The girl’s a maniac.”


But for Angela, she knows it’s all worth it.


“I know my loved ones think I’m crazy, but I can’t limit myself and still be happy,” Angela said. “And like, what’s a little diarrhea when it means you can have a fondue?”


Whatever you say, Ange!