Woman Who Thinks Pads Are Gross Spends Half Her Period With Wadded Up Toilet Paper Up Her Vag

While Meghan Havermeyer thinks sanitary pads are “disgusting” and “so uncomfortable,” that hasn’t stopped her from regularly shoving wadded up toilet paper up her vag in addition to using a tampon in order to keep her period at bay.


The 28-year-old claims she hasn’t used a “nasty” and “huge” pad since she was 13, but still frequently forgets to pack an extra tampon, forcing her to wad up a few handfuls of TP and use it as a makeshift tampon until she gets home.


“I’m always forgetting to bring extra tampons to work,” she says. “They have free pads in the ladies room at my office but ugh I’d rather die than use one. They just sit there, catching your blood! Ew! That’s why I’ll just ball up a ton of toilet paper and stick it in my underwear instead.”


Friends of Havermeyer’s have tried to get her to see that she’s basically just DIYing a pad as opposed to just using a real one, but to no avail.


“She’s always complaining that she bleeds through all her underwear but refuses to use pads or panty liners,” says one friend. “But then she’ll go into the bathroom and shove basically a whole roll of toilet paper in her underwear and just complain about it the rest of the day.”



Despite the complaining, Havermeyer shows no signs of giving up on her impractical menstrual practice anytime soon.


“Sorry but I just think pads are so gross,” she reiterates. “It’s like wearing a wet diaper and a bloody towel in your pants, all at the same time. I’d far prefer to stick a bunch of one ply toilet paper deep into my vag and sit on that all day.”