Woman Trying Really Hard Not to Try Too Hard

In an unfolding story, Martha Braithwaite of Louisville, KY has nearly exhausted all her energy in trying not to try too hard.


“I just want people to know that I’m chill,” said Ms. Braithwaite. “But I don’t want them to know that I’m trying super hard to come off that way.”


Martha, who has never actually been chill in her 27 years, decided to downplay her efforts after realizing that her more aloof peers are way, way cooler than her.


“It’s all about looking like you aren’t too worried,” she said, adjusting the pair of sunglasses she recently purchased in her efforts to seem effortless.


Friends of Martha are supportive of the new change she has made in her life, which includes carefully styling a messy bun, scuffing up a pair of new sneakers, and posting a blurry New Year’s photo of herself dancing on Instagram.


“I think she’s doing a great job of not trying too hard,” said Lianne Dumas, Martha’s best friend. “But she’s not doing very well at hiding that she’s trying really hard to achieve the image of someone who doesn’t try too hard.”



“I’m happy that she’s doing what is best for her,” added Dan Ridley, another close friend. “But I know Martha pretty well, so I know she’s going crazy trying to figure out how to not come off like she’s going crazy about not trying so hard.”


For Martha, the appearance of not being a try-hard is worth all the trying she’s doing to get there.


“I just want to look like I’m unbothered,” she said pulling a tattered baseball cap on as she headed out to walk her new rescue dog. “And if it takes me being directly involved in it all to appear that I’m above it all, that’s just what I’ll have to do.”