Woman Seeks Time Management Advice From High School YouTuber

In a story from Arlington, VA, 27-year old Rhea Williams reportedly picked up some much-needed pointers on time management recently from a YouTube channel run by a junior in high school.


“I’m always running out of time,” Rhea told us. “So I turned to YouTube to see how other people manage their projects. That’s when I came across this amazing life guru who also runs Varsity track.”


Rhea’s new mentor is OliviaVlogs, a feel-good lifestyle vlogger who makes videos about minimalism and productivity, and also recently turned 17 years old.


“Last weekend I ordered a few days’ worth of meals because I didn’t have time to get groceries,” Rhea told us. “I felt like I could learn a thing or two about scheduling, project management, and task delegation from Olivia, who’s also dealing with a lot right now because she recently became captain of her high school’s cheer team.”


Reportedly, Rhea’s interest was piqued by a 10-minute video titled, “Get Ready With Me: How I Manage My Time with 5 AP Classes (+ College Apps!)”.


“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel,” the YouTuber said. “In this video, I’m going to explain how you can make the most of your time, and get done what you really need to get done.”


According to sources, Rhea, who is a full-grown adult and has a career in HR, garnered some key insights and pointers on how to use her time effectively and meaningfully.


Sources say that as the teenager began breaking down her weekly “workflow,” with screenshots of her color-coded Google Calendar, fully-automated Trello boards titled “Homework,” “Extracurriculars,” and “TikTok side hustle,” Rhea started taking notes and felt her anxiety kick into high-gear.



“This is just incredible stuff — she’s juggling AP US History, her book report on The Awakening, choir practice, and Honors Spanish? Incredible,” Rhea said, feeling a mixture of awe, fear, and self-hatred.


Convinced that this YouTuber is achieving double Rhea’s output, despite being almost half her age, Rhea is determined to follow in this child’s footsteps and regain mastery of her hours and minutes.


At press time, YouTube’s autoplay feature began queuing nine hours’ worth of all 224 videos of OliviaVlogs’ channel, and sources confirmed Rhea watched all of it.