Woman Allows Jim Carrey to Enter Thoughts During Masturbation

Last Friday, Lydia Fine decided to take a “me” day away from work. The 27-year-old advertising associate slept through her alarm and turned to her vibrator for “the boost [she] needed to get out of bed.” What started as a quick in-and-out went awry when actor and comedian Jim Carrey made his way into her sexual fantasies.



“I started off with the usuals—Ryan Gosling, Eddie Redmayne, Jake Gyllenhaal— then out of nowhere I get this visual of Jim Carrey as the Joker in Batman Forever.” After spending five minutes trying to forget the nightmarish incident, Fine was eventually able to conjure up the sex scene from Match Point, but she didn’t get far before Jim Carrey from The Cable Guy disrupted her fantasy yet again. Despite various attempts to not visualize the expressive 51-year-old, Jim Carrey from The Mask immediately came to mind, “At that point, I decided to roll with it.”

While she has no current plans to masturbate to Jim Carrey again, Fine admitted, “It weirdly did the trick.”