Winter Trends That No One Will See Under Your Coat

You’re the kind of woman who keeps up on trends, 365 days a year! No matter the weather, here are some of the hottest winter fashions that will be hidden under your humongous coat and never seen by anyone, except maybe your roommate if she’s home right before you leave:


Geometric Patterns

Toss out the plaid, and toss on some funky shapes! Geometry in your look can take you from drab to divine, even if you’re the only one who can see it. Work in some right angles if you want to look fierce under that human-shaped sleeping bag you haven’t really taken off since November.



Red is back! Release your inner Jessica Rabbit by stepping out with this vibrant, sexy color, either as an accent or as an all-over color. Everyone you pass will do a double take, thinking, “Gee, that lady sure is wearing a coat!”



Mixed Prints

Who says winter has to be boring? Power-clash with a 90s floral print and a larger pattern of a similar color scheme. This is a delicate balance, but all that effort will totally pay off when someone finally takes notice and says, “You look so warm in that solid gray coat!”



Whether it’s faux or genuine, a touch of leather brings a healthy dose of badass to any wardrobe. Pair it with a softer texture and remember that even if you take off your coat, there are three other layers to get past before you’ll even have a discernible gender presentation.


All Different Kinds of Leopard Print

It’s hard to find leopard prints that go together, so just use as many as you can find. Leopard print pants, leopard print top, leopard print belt – seriously, no one can see!


It’s important to feel good, but don’t forget, this time it’s literally just for you. In a better world, a warmer world, everyone else could see what your mirror gets to see!