Why You Should Give Him a Second Chance Even Though His House Doesn’t Have a Drawbridge

So, you finally go back to his place after a couple of flirty nights out. It’s exciting, it’s new, and it’s going well! Well, that is until you actually get to his and come face to face with the standard 36” by 80” right-hand inswing door at the front of his house. Understandably, you ended things right on the spot. After all, you were very clear about wanting a serious relationship and a basic deadbolt locking mechanism is as far away from serious a person can get. But perhaps you were too quick to jump to conclusions. Here’s why you might be interested in giving him another go despite his house not having a drawbridge.


He may prefer other means of home security.

If you were hellbent on spotting a drawbridge at the entrance of his home, maybe there was something else you overlooked. Was there an 8 feet deep alligator-infested moat carved out around the perimeter you missed the first time? Or a squad of trained archers lined up on the roof? As with most things, people have their own tastes and preferences. If a gigantic wooden chain-operated gate isn’t to his liking, perhaps something else is.


He might have a difficult landlord.

You never know what’s going on behind closed doors. His landlord might be super neglectful, ignoring his many requests for an updated moveable bridge to access the unit. Sometimes, those pesky leases have anti-medieval construction design stipulations hidden in the fine print. He could be doing everything in his power to fight it, but we all know those zoning battles can take years to resolve.



He could be in the market for a new place.

Chances are, this guy has some sense. Unless he’s living in some twisted fantasy world where home security isn’t a necessity, he’s going to be looking for a new place to settle down. He did mention something at dinner about touring a 14th-century artillery fort… Maybe you can put him in touch with some realtors in the area that specialize in middle age castles.


The most important thing is to start a dialogue. You don’t want to write off a potential love of your life over something as trivial as a misperception. However, if you find that none of this resonates with him: run in the other direction. If he can’t prioritize his own safety, how is he supposed to prioritize you?