Why I’m Staying Home Except for My Coffee Runs, Picnics, Photo Shoots, Movie Nights, and Birthday

Experts agree: COVID-19 is dangerous and highly contagious. But experts also agree that human beings are social creatures and it is really too much to ask of us to completely listen to what we are being told to do. That’s why I’m doing my best to stay home, outside of the occasional picnic, movie night, photoshoot, and daily coffee run.


Oh and my birthday obviously. Y’all better be there!


The threats of Coronavirus are real, and they disproportionately affect people who don’t own pools. That’s why I think it’s important that everyone comes over and enjoys my pool while they still have the chance. The party theme is Big Little Thighs! Get it? Technically, we’re still #staying home.



I don’t take anything about this pandemic lightly. I’ve considerably restricted my own international travel and going to the mall, which is closed. But a girl’s gotta get her fun somewhere and that’s why I’m hosting a scary movie night in my basement and also doing a boudoir shoot with my favorite photographer as a gift for my boyfriend’s birthday.


It’s not like I’m getting on an airplane! Although I might take a quick plane ride up to my parents’ vacation house where I’ll be staying sequestering for a week before heading back.


Anyways, I really can’t stress enough how seriously I’m taking all of this. We have to protect our vulnerable populations by staying home.

But I also have to use up the $50 that my mom just put onto my Starbucks card!