Wedding-Thin Caroline ‘Completely Surprised’ by Boyfriend’s Proposal

Last night, 31-year-old Tim Murphy shocked his long-time girlfriend Caroline Hendrickson, 29, by proposing after dinner at the Capital Grille. They were there to celebrate Caroline’s recent promotion at Deloitte. Says Caroline, “Things have been going really well for me lately. Everything is falling into place. But who knew this was coming?”


“Literally everyone,” says one anonymous friend, holding a giant glass of wine. “Caroline is thin as shit and her life rules. That’s when you get the rock. Everyone knows that, including her.”


After the promotion, Caroline won’t have to travel as much, which means she’ll finally have time to plan her dream wedding. “It’s just so convenient,” she says, glowing. “I’m absolutely flabbergasted that the timing worked out so well.”


“Yeah, fucking right,” says the friend.


The proposal occurred at a time when Caroline was the thinnest she had ever been, a notoriously powerful time in the life of any late-20-something coupled-but-not-married woman. For the past six months, Caroline has been attending Pure Barre and Soul Cycle on alternating days. When asked about her grueling fitness routine, she states, “I do it for the endorphins. Do you still want to go bathing suit shopping tomorrow? I’m so in!”



Caroline has not thought too much about what kind of dress she wants, because she is still in shock. “But actually, on second thought,” she says,“I think I want a sweetheart neckline. My arms are defined but not bulky, and my clavicle is on point.”


At dinner the night of the proposal, Tim ordered a steak while Caroline opted for a wedge salad with no bacon. She requested olive oil and vinegar in lieu of the traditional bleu cheese dressing.


“I see right through you, Caroline,” mutters the anonymous friend.


The waitstaff reports that the proposal was nearly derailed because Tim had planned to pop the question during the dessert course, but when the waiter asked if the couple would care to see the desert menu, Caroline demurred. Tim was then forced to come up with Plan B. He ordered a round of champagne under the guise of toasting Caroline’s promotion.


When he got down on one knee, Caroline was blown away. Onlookers report that, while women often feign surprise in situations like this, Caroline erupted into “a full-on Claire Danes cry. It was so hard to watch that it had to be real.”



Immediately following the proposal, Caroline handed him Tim phone so that they could craft the perfect Instagram together, as a couple. She opted for a picture that featured both her perfectly manicured hands and her itty-bitty shoulder.


“Honestly, fuck everything,” adds the friend.


Caroline says of her engagement, “A lot of women are the thinnest they’ll ever be at their weddings. But it just looks more effortless if you’re already your goal weight when you get engaged…not that I did it on purpose or anything.”