We Bet This Will Be Your New Favorite Conditioner But We Wish We Didn’t Bet So Much, Oh God, We’re In So Much Debt

The folks over at Garnier have outdone themselves again with the launch of their new Hydrïx conditioner line. Our beauty team tried it over the weekend, and let us be the first to say: We bet this silky, mega-hydrating formula will blow your mind. Seriously, we bet you! C’mon, can we please make a bet? Wow, we really need to stop making bets, we’re slipping into unfathomable debt.


The proprietary formula, boasting ingredients like nourishing almond milk, coconut oil, and kelp collagen, has all the hydrating power of a high-end leave-in with the convenience of a drugstore rinse out. Wanna bet that you’ll absolutely love it? Haha but for real, let’s make a bet about it. We probably shouldn’t, because it’s rapidly becoming clear that this is becoming more than just a fun pastime for us. This is a serious problem. But let’s give it a try!


And with ylang ylang essence and apricot extracts, Garnier’s new Hydrïx conditioner is as delightful to smell as it is to use. We’d literally bet on you adoring it! Seriously, make a bet with me, even just for a little bit of cash. The odds are really in your favor anyway, we don’t know your taste. We just owe someone very unpleasant a little bit of money and we need to make good on it if we wanna keep our kneecaps, if you know what we mean. Please, please bet us. We’re drowning. This is our last big shot before we go down for good.



The best part of the new Hydrïx conditioner, and whole line of products, is the price point. At only $6.99, what will feel like the most luxury product in your shower will cost only a fraction of the price. For the price of one large iced latte, you can have the shiny, lush hair coveted by women across the world. And if you were willing to throw in the cost of another large iced latte, you could have a solid bet with us that you will love this product. Literally it’s $7, please, please just make this bet with us. Jimmy “The Wrench” Catalfomo is coming to our office later today and we’re a little short and oh..oh god, how did we get to this point? We sold our wedding rings, our cars, our sentimental items just to fund all the bets we keep making with our readers and we…we can’t stop. Jesus, we can’t stop. We’re in so deep. All our spouses are going to leave us and we just can’t help ourselves. What went wrong? We were such promising beauty writers and then life just…got ahead of us. We’re begging you to make this bet. or at least please help us find help.


Check out Garnier’s new line of Hydrïx conditioning products! We promise you won’t regret it!