Uncle Holding Strong to One Misleading Statistic That Supports Racist View

Saturday, on a family Zoom to celebrate your niece’s birthday, your uncle demonstrated that he’s still holding strong to a single misleading statistic that supports his racist views on policing.


Your uncle claims that black communities are actually under-policed because “white people are killed twice as often by police than black people.”


You are very familiar with your uncle’s favorite statistic, which is based on a sample of police encounters that are not proportional to the demographics of the actual population, of which white people make up sixty percent.


Black people are actually three times more likely to be killed by police than white people are, but you wouldn’t know anything about that based on this one misleading and honestly wrong statistic that your uncle has held strong to for years.

“I’d rather be pulled over as a black person than a white person,” your uncle interjected as you tried to talk to your cousin, based on information that isn’t at all true.


Though your uncle left the Zoom to watch TV, he was later heard yelling over Fox News that “the majority of black people murdered are killed by other black people!”



That statistic that is absolutely irrelevant when you consider that the overwhelming majority of white murder victims each year are killed by white assailants.


At press time, your uncle was continuing to ignore all arguments in favor of remaining racist.