Trendy Winter Tights With a Crotch That Will Sag to Mid-Thigh By Noon

Wintertime can feel like a style slog, and tights are the perfect way to rock that dress while staying warm. Tights are sure to jazz up any dress or skirt, with the added nuisance of slipping slowly down your body throughout the day. Here are some trendy winter tights that have crotches which will absolutely sag to mid-thigh by noon!


Graphic Tights

Say goodbye to the boring black tights of yore! Instead, throw on some exciting graphic tights with a variety of designs. From flowers to stripes to polka dots, these jazzed-up tights will add a burst of excitement to any outfit, until the graphic designs stretch and distort as the crotch of your tights sags, creating an unflattering optical illusion.



Shiny Tights

Get glam with shiny tights! A shimmery sheen or textured sparkle can dress up any basic outfit. Shiny tights attention to your legs, which means they’re going to see the small cradle of your tights’ low-hanging crotch peeking out from below your hemline. Still fancy, kind of! Maybe tie a belt around them or something?


Knit Tights

Whether they have cable texturing or argyle patterns, knit tights look and feel warm on a cold winter’s day. Unfortunately, such thick material will immediately succumb to gravity so that you’ll be waddling from place to place, all day long. Why does this happen to you? Are your legs too long? Maybe it’s time for pants.


Wear any of these stylish winter tights to be as trendy as you are warm as you feel the crotch of the tights sag before the day is through. Maybe it’s time for pants!!