This Is The Age the Average Couple Gets Married, According to Your Friend Who Is Making a Horrible Decision

If you’re in your 20s, it may seem like all of your friends are getting engaged and married, which is correct! Many people don’t realize that the average age people get married is 23 years old, according to your friend who is wrong and making this horrible decision way too fucking soon.


“Getting married at 23 is totally normal,” said newly engaged Jo Balin, referencing a 30-year-old study. “My cousin Anna, my neighbor’s daughter, my super religious hairdresser…they all got married at 23. I’m sure there are other examples; I just can’t think of any because you’re putting me on the spot.”


Many friends think Jo might be rushing into things a bit too soon since this is her first real relationship, and she can’t even rent a car yet.



“Listen, I didn’t expect to meet the love of my life studying abroad in Italy seven months ago, but it just happened,” Jo said looking up cheap DIY wedding decor. “You can’t put an age on finding true love. But if you could it would probably be around 23 because that’s the actual average age.”


Sure Jo! Whatever makes you feel better.


“Studies, done by real scientists, state that the human brain doesn’t even fully develop until 25 or more,” said your mutual friend, Elise Kraft. “I mean, I love her and fully support her. But she is making a huge mistake. Also I don’t have that bridesmaid dress money right now so please don’t.”


Jo decided on a snowy winter wedding in Wisconsin, so mark your calendars for December 16th!


“I haven’t RSVPed yet because I know I’ll be in the middle of finals around then,” said Alli Masters, friend of the soon to be bride. “You know. Because we’re all still in school, haha!”