Teeny Tiny Imperceptible Ways To Cut Your Spending Habits

Sticking to a budget doesn’t have to be boring, or difficult! Since cutting your spending habits is never easy, we’ve come up with a few teeny tiny, almost completely imperceptible ways to do so. Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll someday be so happy that you decided to make these very, very small, barely perceptible changes in your lifestyle.


Don’t get soymilk in your latte.

We know that morning latte is the only thing that helps you get through the day at the office, but that cost can really add up. It’s important to make sacrifices to gain financial independence eventually in a few decades, so just get regular milk and pocket that 60 cents you would have spent on soy or almond milk. That’s $3 a week, which is almost enough for another latte! Yay! Go get another latte! This small gain is definitely worth it even if you hate whole milk.



Walk a little before getting giving up and getting an Uber.

Modern technological advances have made it really easy to get where you need to go, but that comes with a price. If you’re trying to save a barely noticeable amount of money over your lifetime, consider using the cheapest form of transportation available: walking. Try walking a couple blocks towards your destination before eventually just being like “ugh it’s so far” and getting an Uber. That’s two minutes of exercise too, which could also pay off in 30-40 years, probably. Good work!


Pack your own lunch once a month.

Meal prepping is the ultimate sign of an organized, financially stable lifestyle. But meal prepping every day is hard and also not necessary if your end goal is to save a tiny bit of money over the course of many years. Instead, try packing your lunch just once a month. Make sure that you buy fresh organic groceries and a super cute lunch bag so you’ll be inspired to do the same thing in like four weeks. Now go buy yourself a Diet Coke as a treat for remembering to bring your own lunch!


Pick up change you find on the street.

This savings technique is fail proof! Just pick up change you find on the street and save it. In 70 years or so, when you’re buying a latte with that street change you’ll be saying, “Glad I picked up so much dirty street change!”


See, it’s relatively easy to make these teeny tiny imperceptible, mostly useless cuts to your existing spending habits! They’re so small you probably won’t even notice them or the impact that they end up making to your bank account. But who cares! You’re rich!