Tara Shares Her 18th ‘Interesting Read’ This Week

Tara Murray, a part-time ceramicist from New York, has stepped up her link-love on Facebook recently, setting a new personal record of 18 articles shared this past week.


The articles on Murray’s wall reflect her diverse and seemingly random interests, with subjects as wide-ranging as factory farming, facial peels, the plight of Syrian refugees, the occult, one woman’s account of her divorce, the surprising benefits of cauliflower, and the hidden dangers of nail polish.


“I guess I’m a bit of a social activist,” says Murray, as she shares an article about the making of Disney’s The Good Dinosaur. “I believe that we’re on this earth to be engaged and engaging.”


Friends of Murray report feeling concerned.


“Who has time to read 16,000 words in The Atlantic about cauliflower? And she posted this at 3 AM. What is she doing with her life?” writes her college roommate, Meg.


“I’m just here to get people talking,” says Murray, with a smile. “It’s interesting!”



“I commissioned Tara to make a vase for my sister’s wedding six months ago,” says one friend from high school. “This week, she shared three articles about time management. Still no vase for my sister. That ‘interests’ me.”


Six of Tara’s friends from college admit to having hid her posts from their timelines after she shared a slew of “interesting reads” about people who claim to have spoken to angels.


One source tells us, “The ‘interesting read’ she shared this morning was just a gif of some chinchillas dressed up as Santa’s elves. I really hope she’s okay.”



Not all of Murray’s Facebook friends have a problem with her links, however.


“I’m not saying this because I like Tara and I hope she reads this, but I genuinely did find them interesting reads,” says Tara’s friend Mike, who hopes she’s reading this, as he is “interested” in her.


“I’m just going to keep on ruffling feathers over here,” says Murray, posting a link to a photo blog of abandoned Cape Cod motels in winter. “Perhaps when you post this article, I’ll share it on my wall. That could be really interesting.”