Study Confirms Hair Looks Best Day Before Haircut

According to a study published Monday by the University of Cambridge, there is a strong correlation between how on-point a hairstyle looks and how close it is to a scheduled hair appointment. “After collecting data over a four-year period, we have concluded that booking an appointment at the salon is a foolproof method of achieving the best hair of your life for one day before,” said lead author on the study Professor Helen Conrad, Ph. D.


The phenomenon is called Great Appointment Eve Hair Days, or GAEHDs.


Researchers analyzed the attractiveness of the 5,232 participants’ hair prior to every appointment based on a series of predetermined, measurable factors, including the presence of cancellation fees if clients were to try and keep their perfect hair within 24 hours of the appointment.


Her team analyzed both men and women in the study, citing that many men have less extensive appointments that require less time and less money. This resulted in less drastic effects in comparison to those experienced by women. Women, however, can frequently spend hundreds of dollars on services beyond a simple haircut, including double-process hair color, ombré highlights, gloss treatments and Brazilian blowouts. “The more extensive and expensive the salon visit, the more likely the hair will look fabulous the day before,” said Dr. Conrad.



The study also points out that the rate of GAEHDs is at an all-time high. In 2014, long layers were hotly demanded hairstyle for women resulting in a spike in extensions and gloss treatments. Today, a bob with side-swept bangs is a highly demanded style, creating widespread instances of women forced to swap hairstyles.


“We suggest scheduling an appointment the day after those important occasions when we need to look flaw-free,” said Dr. Conrad, “such as your wedding day or the funeral of your ex-mother-in-law where your former husband will probably bring his new wife.”