Statistics About Inequality He’ll Respond To With, ‘I Guess So’

There’s a lot of systemic discrimination in the country, which you know because you’ve done your homework. When your guy friend demanded that you back up your claims with “real facts”, you returned with hard numbers and reliable sources that he still somehow found a way to dismiss. Here are the statistics about inequality he’ll enthusiastically endorse with a shrug and an “I guess so.”


Women Of Color Make Up Only 0.4% of CEOs

He was positive that the percentage would be proportionate to the percent of women of color in the US population, despite your description of the systemic forces that keep women, and especially non-white women, from climbing corporate ranks. Now that you’ve provided evidence that women of color make up 33% of the workforce but less than 1% of CEOs, he’ll shrug and say, “Okay, so what’s your point?”


LGBT Kids Are Twice as Likely to Be Bullied Than Non-LGBT Peers

This number seemed really high to him, a person who is not a statistician. Maybe in the ‘80s, this was true, he argued, but after the Supreme Court decision? No way! Luckily, he was able to fully get behind the data from the Human Rights Campaign that you showed him with a hearty “I mean, sure, I guess.”


One in Three Women in the World Have Experienced Domestic Or Sexual Violence In Their Lifetime

When you told him many women will experience domestic or sexual in their lifetime, he didn’t believe you. When you told him, one in three women will experience domestic or sexual violence in their lifetime according to statistics, he said, “ I guess I can buy that. Whatever.”



People With Black-Sounding Names Are 50% Less Likely to Get a Job Interview Than Those With White-Sounding Names

Despite testimonials from black people who feel their names have been used against them throughout their lives, he still thinks that affirmative action must “balance it out.” For every racist who wouldn’t hire Darnell, there’s a Logan who doesn’t get a job because he doesn’t fit a diversity quota, right? When you show him the National Bureau of Economic Research study that proves otherwise, he’ll really get behind you with an “I guess so.”


Don’t think that just because you’ve shown him numerical evidence of inequality, he’s about to start marching in the streets. But he will at least trade in his lecturing for some solid sulking.