So You’ve Accidentally Swallowed Your Beautyblender Sponge

We’ve all been there: You’re blending foundation on your chin and suddenly, your beautyblender sponge is lodged in your throat. Don’t worry, this can happen to anyone! Here’s what to do if you’ve accidentally swallowed this crucial makeup sponge:


Step One: Finish swallowing the sponge.

It won’t go down easy, but you’re in too deep now. Thanks to its open cell structure that prevents absorption, the sponge will remain somewhat lubricated by your foundation. Since it’s halfway down your trachea already, open your gullet and choke it back like a beautiful pelican.


Step Two: Buy a new sponge.

Don’t let this mishap stop you from getting ready and applying makeup. Buy a new sponge so you can continue to put on foundation evenly. Beautiful!



Step Three: Google your makeup’s ingredients.

Now that you’re ready for the day, you’ll need to make sure you haven’t ingested any toxins. Finally, the sense of superiority you’ve felt from using expensive organic makeup may actually be justified. Yum!


Step Four: Pass the sponge.

Its pilgrimage may not have been delightful, but it’s almost over. A laxative suppository should do the trick. Finally, your anus will have an even skin tone!


Step Five: Clean and disinfect your sponge for further use.

If you’re looking to save the environment, you should opt to thoroughly wash your sponge with antibacterial soap. Use this sponge for applying cream blush or concealer. Just hope the soap gets that smell out and it doesn’t give you pinkeye.


If you follow these easy steps, and keep your mouth tightly sealed during the blending process, you’ll be back to killing the makeup game in no time!