Should We Really Cancel The Careers of Men Who Ruined The Careers Of Others?

Now more than ever, people on social media are willing to unite and “cancel” famous celebrities who made one teensy-tiny little public oopsie like committing sexual assault or raping several people. Not only do the victims of these actions suffer personally, but their careers can also be derailed or destroyed if they threaten to go public with their accusations. But should we let the men who commit these heinous actions needlessly suffer as a consequence for their actions? Hm, that just seems unfair to the men.



So-called “cancel culture” is growing more and more thanks to the Internet’s ability to unearth people’s problematic pasts, like making a racist joke, or systematically demoting and firing women who wouldn’t sleep with them. Maybe if someone gave these guys a heads up that it would end their careers, they wouldn’t have done all those horrible things. Clearly these men need more valid reasons not to commit assault other than the obvious.


And sure, these men may have built and even propelled their careers at the expense of the others through harassment, assault, and violence, but what if that man was involved in a movie I like? I don’t know if I can cancel him just for willingly taking advantage of the power dynamics at play.


So riddle me this, sensitive millennials: How am I supposed to wrestle between my morals and a cool movie?


Right now, there’s a justice on the Supreme Court who sexually harassed several women on his way to the highest court in the land. The former Attorney General of New York had to resign after several women he abused came forward. Even the president made inappropriate sexual advances on women who later ended up suffering tremendously just by speaking up!


You’re telling me now we have to hold all serial abusers – even cool ones – fully accountable as well? This is the slippery slope we’ve been warned about. I’m not going to let these triggered progressives tell me how to police men!



Besides, the people who come forward only speaking out now during an unprecedented time of empowerment in the industry just for the sake of “seeking justice” and “protecting others”. And I’m supposed to “believe” them? Especially after they go through the public harassment that follows coming forward and still keep it up because it’s “true”? Uhhhh, no thank you!


What kind of example is this going to set for the next generation, particularly my sons, who want to make something of themselves but now have to worry about the way they treat others? I won’t let public shaming culture stop me from raising my boys on the shitty, fucked up misconduct I continue to let slide, day after day.