REPORT: Ben Having One of His Handsome Days


In a breaking story out of Newton, Massachusetts, multiple sources have reported that paralegal Ben Kravitz is having one of his handsome days.


“Ben is pretty good-looking in general,” coworker Allie Sapiano explained, “But every once in a while, he shows up to work looking particularly handsome. And damn, he really hit it out of the park today.”


“I’m not even sure what he does differently on his handsome days,” Sapiano continued. “Maybe he gets some sort of skin treatment the night before? Or it could correspond with the days he wears that tie that really makes his eyes pop?”



As Kravitz breezed through the office completing his daily tasks, his workplace acquaintances were acutely aware of the increased level of handsomeness.


“Yeah, I’m not supposed to speak about my staff like this, but Ben is looking especially hot today,” his boss, Murray Engel, confirmed. “His jaw appears extra-chiseled and he’s sporting the perfect amount of professional stubble.


“Yesterday he was a pretty normal level of handsome, but today he’s the most dashing guy in the office,” Murray added. “I really hope he’s not taking it for granted. He should hit up a bar after work or at least take a new profile picture before tomorrow rolls around.”


At press time, the entire office was eagerly awaiting Ben’s next handsome day.