QUIZ: Which Hadid Sister’s Horse Are You?

The Hadids are the unequivocal horse girls of fashion. Given that, there is an understandable desire to know which one you are – which horse of the Hadid’s, that is. Here’s the definitive guide to the question we’ve all been asking: “Am I a Blue, or a Cool?”


How would you describe your childhood?

1. Amazing…my mom completely doted on me, brushing my hair regularly.

2. Super privileged, but my parents definitely had their issues.


How do you like to spend your free time?

1. Jumping over obstacles of various heights and mulling over Olympic dreams gone by.

2. Chilling in a pasture and hanging out with underpaid stable hands.



Your friends would describe you as…

1. A pampered show horse.

2. A similarly pampered show horse that has an obvious fondness for Gigi Hadid.


Describe yourself in two words.

1. Rich and well-groomed with powerful hind limbs.

2. Spoiled and rich.


How torn up were you when One Direction broke up?

1. Not super torn up, I was too busy eating a shit ton of oats and apples to notice, honestly.

2. It rocked my world in a distinctly personal way.




Mostly 1’s: You’re 100% a Blue! You love spending days getting pampered by your loving owner, Bella Hadid, and enjoying the perks that come with being a celebrity horse.


Mostly 2’s: You’re a Cool. Duh! Beautiful and mysterious, you’re absolutely Gigi Hadid’s horse. You might’ve had a rough childhood due to scenarios outside of your control akin to Gigi and Zayn’s messy break-up, but you won’t let that stop you from gobbling down sugar cubes out of the hand of a stranger! Neigh, bitch!