QUIZ: Does Your Friend Think You’re Hot or Does Their Tinder Include a Picture With You in It?

It always feels great when a friend tells you that you’re hot. And they probably do think you are! Just not as hot as them, or else why would they have a picture of the both of you on their dating profile which is specifically curated to make her look her best? If you’re wondering if that’s the case, this quiz will tell you if your friend actually thinks you’re hot, or if her Tinder includes a picture with you in it because you make her look hot in comparison!


Does your friend comment on your appearance?

a.) Yes, all the time. She often comments out of the blue about how lucky she is to have such a gorgeous best friend.

b.) Yes, but her Tinder does include a picture of the two of us together, clearly indicating which one she is not with a large red arrow.


Does your friend like to stand next to you in pictures?

a.) She hasn’t really shown a preference.

b.) Yes, she insists. And I have to be on her “bad side”, and she always loves the pictures in which only she looks good.


Does your friend often use you as a wing-woman?

a.) All the time, but it goes both ways. We’re each others’ wing-women!

b.) All the time. In fact, she sometimes tells me that I do my best wing-womaning virtually, when I’m not even there. Wait…


Does your friend know that it’s scientifically proven that a person will appear even more attractive when shown alongside someone less attractive than them?

a.) I don’t know, we’ve never talked about that.

b.) Weirdly enough, she has brought up that fact on more than one occasion.



Mostly A’s: Congrats! Your friend sincerely thinks you’re hot!

Mostly B’s: Yikes….sorry to break it to you. Your friend does not think you’re hot, girl. But didn’t you kind of know this all along? Think about it. Only a psychopath puts someone hot in their Tinder profile.