QUIZ: Do You Dream of Being a Mermaid Or Are You Just Tired of Pants?

Sometimes, our legs feel bothersome and restless, like a vestigial organ. You may feel an itch to finally achieve your true form and become a mermaid and never have to experience this side effect of the human body again – or you may just be tired of pants. Take this quiz to find out if you are ready to live your life as a mermaid with a scaly fishtail, or if you just are done with wearing pants all the damn time.


How would you like your life to change?

  1. I want to live in an entirely new world, where the conventions life as I know it no longer apply. I want to live with the mysteries of the ocean.
  2. I would like to feel slightly more comfortable.


Would you be fine with never walking again?

  1. Yes, I am ready to be immersed in an underwater world and never look back.
  2. Well, no, I really do like hiking. But my legs honestly feel really constricted and uncomfortable right now.


Would you be ok with your diet being mostly raw fish and wet seaweed?

  1. Yes, for that is the food of my people. Or rather, my merpeople.
  2. I do love sushi, but it makes me feel bloated, a feeling that I constantly feel.


Take off your pants. Do you still want to be a mermaid?

  1. The ocean is my siren, and I must respond. Relinquish me from this land-bound life!
  2. These pants were not good.




Mostly 1’s: You dream of being a mermaid. Your heart has been singing the song of the ocean for quite some time now. You’re ready to be a mermaid even if it means pooping out of your belly button. We wish you luck in achieving a new life underwater.


Mostly 2’s: You are tired of pants! Everyone gets tired of pants at some point. Try going pantsless or wearing a skirt. Stretching and walking around will help a lot if you feel constricted. This will luckily be a lot easier of a change than permanently going half-fish.