QUIZ: Are You Into Politics Because You Like Politics or Because You Loooove Drama?

It can be hard to tell whether we’re glued to the news because we genuinely love politics or if we’re just into the he-said she-said of it all. And it’s hard to separate because politics are soooooo dramatic! If you’re wondering if you’re a policy wonk or just bitch who lives for drama, take this quiz to finally figure out your core reason for following the beltway news like it’s your damn job.


What were the most memorable moments of the past year for you?

  1. Honestly, watching our political systems get tested like never before was enthralling. I’ve never seen anything like the past year’s impeachment and election.
  2. Ugh, when Nancy Pelosi wore the same outfit to both impeachments. The unsaid tension of that was palpable!!


What’s your favorite political content to watch?

  1. In Depth on C-SPAN.
  2. Hands down, Scandal. I’m glued to the TV when I watch it.


What do you do when a major political event is happening?

  1. I stay on top of different new outlets’ reporting of the events. My go-to is CNN and The New York Times
  2. I love checking on Twitter to see everyone’s reactions to what’s happening, I fucking LOVE hot takes. Mrs. Krassenstein? YES please!!! Feed me, bitch!!!


Finally, why do you think you are into politics?

  1. I am really fascinated by how our democracy functions. I love seeing different systems interact, and there’s nothing in the world with greater implications than our own tenuous democracy.
  2. Watching Lindsay Graham get OWNED on national television! That bitch needs to go DOWN. Still waiting to hear from all of his male escorts, which should be any day now! Yum yum!!




Mostly 1’s : You like politics! You are a total politico who loves to explore the dynamics of our government. Enjoy listening to The Daily and being over-stimulated by your Twitter feed! Honestly though, politics is drama, just real life with generally less attractive people. So you probably like both.

Mostly 2’s : You love drama! Politics is nothing but the world’s most publically toxic conflict zone, and you love having front row seats. We can’t blame you, this shit is salacious! We also recommend Big Brother, which is also dramatic and political, but with generally hotter people and lower stakes.