On The Reductress Minute: Is He a Real Man, Or a Tall Ferret?

Listen now: Reductress editors Sarah and Taylor (@yourpappalardo and @casualafro) take you through the week’s hottest stories. On this week’s episode, Hannah Solow (@hamstertalk), Mary Houlihan (@maryhoulie) and Cissy Jones (@cissyspeaks) read pieces from Reductress, plus we talk to Taylor’s mom on the air and discuss relationship issues with a woman who is definitely dating a tall ferret.

Becoming a Mother Made Me Happy, Fulfilled (Although Chris Said He was Going to Pull Out) was written by Laurel Cummings. How to Explain Memes to your Therapist was written by Sami Main. I’m Not Here for the Craft Beer, I’m Here for the Dick was written by Kathy Lynch.


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