Moms Welcome Pride & Prejudice & Patio Season

pride and patio - reductress

With the return of warmer weather, mothers are flocking to their patios with bottles of Pinot and their worn copies of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
“A patio is the most natural place in the world to curl up with the stern countenance of Mr. Darcy,” says Leslie Davis, a 39-year-old mother of two. “It’s what patios were made for.”
While leaving children with a sitter can be hard, many women find it to be well worth the it for the chance to revisit Austen’s work while enjoying their patio. “When I can’t sit through one more tantrum,” says Laura Herman, “I come out here to my recently resurfaced patio and enter the life of Elizabeth Bennet. It’s my favorite thing about summer!”
Librarian Diane Goedert suggests women without patios can read the book at nearby parks and beaches. “A landscaped patio is ideal, but Austen’s greatest novel is worth exploring no matter where you are this summer.”