Turn Your Weakness Into Strength: Investing in Your Food Cravings

Personal Life Tools for Success:

We’re all familiar with those nagging urges for a late-night sweet or a salty treat. These cravings come in many forms but are usually very specific: Cool Ranch Doritos, Nabisco Mallomars, Diet Coke. What if you could take your weakness in craving these foods, and make it your strength?
Whatever your craving—a Starbucks Frappuccino [SBUX +1.80%], Domino’s Pizza [DPZ -.28%], or Wendy’s Frosty [NASDAQ: WEN +3.40%]—you’re surely not the only one craving it. Many others are craving the same things and are caving in to those cravings. Knowing this gives you power, a power to profit from your cravings.
What if every time you craved a product—say an Entenmann’s cookie, or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—you invested money in the company that made it? Take the $1 you would spend on that Snickers bar, and save it for the IPO of Mars, Incorporated. Through rising stock prices, you’ll eventually be able to cash out on the weakness of others who are spending on the same craving. Channel that craving into an investment and you’ll reap monetary benefits—broadening your portfolio instead of your waistline.

By investing in a long-term stock portfolio instead of snack food, you’re winning twice: first, by not gaining weight, which signals a weakness of mind; and second, by making substantial monetary gains, which signals strength of mind. Think about the people you know who own palatial homes or large boats. What kind of snacks are they eating? Exactly.
Your fatter friends will notice a change in you right away. Your appearance and demeanor will be that of a strong, thin, businesswoman, who doesn’t cave in to base urges. Healthy in body, mind, and finances, you’ll be a triple threat while your friends are still triple Musketeers. And that’s something you should really be craving!