Is Your Baby Using You?

 It’s a question no parent wants ask: Does your baby love you, or is he just using you so that you’ll continue keeping him alive? While it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to know your baby’s true motivations, there are a few clear-cut signs that your baby doesn’t care about you as a person, and is only truly concerned with getting his needs met. Here are a few red flags to watch out for that could indicate your baby is a total user:


He Never Says Thank You

If your baby never shows gratitude for all your hard work, not even a simple “thank you”, then odds are he doesn’t appreciate you and all that you do. Even if your baby isn’t a super verbal person just yet, there’s always a way to show appreciation. Like sign language, or a card, or even just a smile as you clean up the shit he took in the bathtub. There are always ways to get the message across, and if he’s not trying, then odds are he’s taking you for granted.


He Doesn’t Connect with You on an Emotional Level and Never Listens

Is he so busy eating and pooping that he never stops to ask you how your day went? If your baby is only interested in the physical parts of your relationship—like you attending to his being hungry, sleepy, or poopy—then there’s a good chance he isn’t interested in you as a person, and is way more concerned with how you can fulfill his needs. What a dick.


He Always Expects You To Pay

Does your baby have a job? Is he even looking? If the answer is no, and he has no qualms with you paying for things every time you go out together, then all signs point to your baby being a total freeloader. It’s time to think about cutting him off.



He’s Not Interested In Your Friends

Does he have zero interest in meeting your friends? Does he make next to no effort to get close to important people in your life, instead opting to bury his face in your chest or nap quietly in his stroller? Does he throw a shitfit whenever you dare to have people over? If the answer is yes, then it means you only matter to him as far as you serve his needs, and that’s not okay. You’re a special person and you deserve a baby who appreciates that.


He Checks Out Other Mothers Right In Front Of You

Has your baby ever smiled at another woman right in front of you? Offered them a casual wave? Blown them a kiss? Even (perish the thought) called another short brunette “mama” while strapped to your chest? If the answer is yes, your baby’s not respecting all you bring to this relationship and you deserve so much better.


So there you have it—a few quick tips for figuring out if your baby really loves you, or is just using you to get what he needs to stay alive. If your baby doesn’t see you for what you are—a unique, giving individual with your own needs that deserve to be fulfilled—then it just might be time to say goodbye and start over with someone new.