Inspiring! This Woman Set an Intention to Shit More

Taking dumps had always been more of a hobby for Maisy Caldwell, one she really only had time for on the weekends. But now, she’s setting an intention to make shitting a daily habit.


“I’ve been talking about it for years, but I’m not getting any younger,” says Maisy. “And now that I have all this extra time in quarantine I have no excuse to not practice relieving myself.”


Some people have used this time at home to learn a new skill such as knitting or making a sourdough starter. But Maisy? She’s been backed up for quite some time now and is taking this as an opportunity to catch up on her shitting.


“Two times a day is my goal, but let’s be realistic,” Maisy says. “If I can manifest one good dump a day, a whole new world of possibilities could open up for me.


Maisy’s mother, Joan Caldwell, shared some insight into her daughter’s journey with number two.


“Maisy was such an avid shitter when she was younger. Then she just got to that age where her bowel movements took a back seat to the demands of daily life,” says Joan. “I’m happy to see it was just a phase, and now she’s making an effort to drop the kids off at the pool again.”



Maisy has gained thousands of followers since the beginning of her shit journey and her influence continues to grow – she recently even signed a brand deal with Dulcolax!


“Yes I take fiber supplements and drink prune juice, but if you work hard and believe in yourself you can accomplish anything,” says Maisy. “I like to think I manifested these healthy and hefty poops of mine.”


Go Maisy!