Indian Woman Thinks Protests Are Pointless, Forgets How Colonization Ended

Recent reports out of Piscataway, New Jersey indicate that Indian auntie Amisha Reddy thinks ongoing Black Lives Matters protests are pointless, apparently forgetting large swaths of the history of the Indian Independence movement.


The conversation arose when Amisha Reddy was talking with her niece, Smita Rao, after Smita attempted to have a discussion with her family regarding the importance of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.


“These protests are a waste of government money and nothing actually changes this way,” Amisha asserted while sitting in her home, not doing anything to actually change anything.


Amisha Reddy additionally brought up other viewpoints that point to her unfortunate amnesia around how the British Raj actually ended.


“I just think protests are so unnecessarily violent,” Amisha stated. “Education is what really works.”


When Smita began to bring up that there were plenty of Indian nationalists that pushed for armed revolutionary forces, Amisha turned her Indian soap opera’s volume higher.



“Quite a few people actually believe colonization would’ve ended earlier if Gandhi wasn’t so popular,” Smita said over the blaring television. “And if there was more support behind nationalists like Surya Sen calling for an armed revolution.”


Amisha responded by calling Smita, “ungrateful and Americanized,” and saying, “America isn’t even that racist anymore.”


At press time, Amisha had resumed watching Indian soap operas at full volume, with her selective amnesia still unfortunately untreated.