I’m Saving the Earth by Recycling My K-Cups to Make Dog Hats

Keurig machines use non-recyclable plastic cups to brew only one serving of coffee at a time, and I find that a disgusting waste. Personally, I love my coffee, and I use 3-4 Keurig cups per day. So when I found out that these nasty little containers are destroying our environment, I knew I had to change my lifestyle. Now, I recycle my used K-Cups to make plastic dog hats! Whether you fancy a bowler, fedora, sombrero, or fascinator, here are some interesting facts about Keurig cups that might inspire you to make some K-Cup dog hats of your own:


It’s Good for the Earth

The plastic used to make Keurig cups is a specialized plastic made of four different layers—a mix that is only recyclable in a handful of cities in Canada, but that looks fabulous on canine heads. Instead of tossing them in the garbage like most careless consumers, I collect my used cups in a basket. The fact that they’re indestructible means they’re perfect for one thing: small headware for dogs. At the end of a long day of drinking single-serving coffee, I break out the pipe cleaners, pompoms, and confetti from my craft drawer—because I’m about to get seriously creative. It always amazes me that you can just take one thing, then make it into a different thing and assuage yourself of all of the guilt of mindless consumerism. That’s why every day, no matter how exhausted I am, I make my K-Cup dog hats. Sometimes I’m working so hard that I have to drink a few more cups of coffee to keep me going!


There Are Lots of K-Cups, but there are Even More Dogs (Probably)

Keurig cups buried in 2014 would circle the earth more than 12 times. And I’m pretty sure that the number of dogs would circle the earth more than 15, so don’t tell me there isn’t a market for my eco-friendly product. Personally, I do not own a dog. So for now, most of my designs end up in the trash of the local animal shelter, who tell me there are “better ways to help”. But I feel good about what my invention represents, and as soon as I have time to make an Etsy account, I fully intend to find my market of fellow Earth and animal lovers.


It Mollifies Human Guilt

K-Cup inventor John Sylvan openly regrets having created such a harmful and unsustainable product. There’s no use crying over spilled coffee. All we can do is move forward and find fun uses for all these K-Cups.


The Dogs Love It

Until my Etsy store takes off, my lab mix Rusty has his pick of the litter when it comes to K-Cup dog hats! As soon as I open the cabinet that holds all the hats and dog treats, Rusty trots over and sits down patiently, tail wagging, until I affix a hat to his head. He looks handsome in anything, but I can tell he prefers his cowboy hat the most!


In conclusion, it’s our duty as humans to take care of the earth however we can. Me? I’ll be over here, making dog hats!