I Want a Man Who Challenges Me, Except When I’m Tired or Hungry or Sad

Everyone has a list of what they’re looking for in a man. Maybe they want someone tall or handsome, but I find that those things are never enough for me. What I really want is a man who is able to challenge me to be better, to be a stronger person every day, with the exception of when I am tired or hungry or just a little sad for no reason.


I have no interest in a partner who is willing to let me grow complacent in our relationship. That’s never been interesting to me, and also keeps me from living the kind of dynamic, growth-filled life I want to live. I want to share my life only with someone who is always pushing me to be better unless I’m fucking hungry and need a snack NOW. In which case I want to share my life only with someone who can figure out what snack I’m in the mood for faster than I can. Then, absolutely don’t challenge me. That won’t end well for anyone.


And it’s always sexy to see a man who is driven in his own life, and sees that sexiness in me too. And also recognizes when to back off when he sees my nap face, because sometimes the only thing I’m driven to do is take a three-hour nap and wake up in the middle of the night unable to truly absorb any meaningful criticism at all. A real man knows not to fucking bother when that is happening.


That’s all I want: A man who can push me to be better even when I don’t want to push myself. But actually, if I don’t want to push myself because I am either hungry, or underslept, or just having a bad day, please leave me alone completely because this is not the time. But seriously; any other time would be great!


I just don’t want a partner that is satisfied with getting bored in a relationship. After I am fed a full meal, plus snacks, and given a blanket and a short escape from reality, then I will be ready to go! Unless it’s too late. I’m not stepping outside of my comfort zone if it’s already like 10:30pm. Maybe tomorrow though? No promises though; I think I feel a cold coming on.


That’s it; I only want someone that will push me to improve tomorrow. That would be my perfect man.



I want someone who is ready to tell me when things are getting too comfortable and expected. Unless it’s winter. It’s cold and my comfort zone if very well heated. But any other time of year, unless it’s like super hot or rainy, I want to be taken on adventures!


So hopefully I can find a man who will always be there, always be trying. Of course if he tries to push at the wrong time, I’m going to gnaw on his skull, but the right man for me will understand that and learn and grow from it, too. After all, that’s what relationships are all about!