I Texted My Ex, Not Because I Am Weak But Because He is 84

Yes, it happened. I texted my ex. But before you judge know this: He is 84 years old, and I am very concerned about his health right now.


When I tell people I texted my ex to check-in, they’re all, “sure, sure,” as though I’m using the virus as an excuse for a booty call or something. And while I do miss Gerald and the financial security he provided, I am genuinely concerned he will die alone.



I’m really just checking in on behalf of his health. There were no winking or eggplant emojis this time.


So sure yeah, Gerry and I are now kind of back together and I am making jokes with him about our favorite pizza place. With everything going on, I think it’s normal that we find solace in the people we have loved the most. He is going to be 85 soon.


Coronavirus is no joke, and neither is my need to check in on the wellbeing of a former lover who is elderly and has health problems. He may or may not be my future lover, but that’s not really the point. I texted him because he is very old.


I am not a weak person. In fact on day 3 of quarantine, when my friend cautioned me not to get back into it with Gerry, I waited.


But 23 days into quarantine and I think it’s okay for me to check in on an old man with whom I’ve shared some special times, and all their ups and downs. Okay?