I Lived It: I Wore a Blazer And It’s the Only Time I’ve Felt Confident

I’m a little a late to the menswear trend. Other women I know have been rocking blazers for years, but I held off, worried I’d appear too “manly” or overly professional. I know, it was a dumb manifestation of internalized sexism, and now that I’ve tried wearing a blazer, I know how very, very wrong I was. In fact, wearing a blazer made me realize I didn’t even know what confidence was until I put it on.


From the second I held my first blazer, I felt a surge of power like I’ve never felt before. I looked in the mirror and whispered to myself, “This is the first time I’ve ever been confident in my entire life.”


And it was true. Everything before that was just a string of events connected by self-loathing and insecurity, but this classic red blazer had changed all of it. Once I saw myself in it, I realized where the true strength of the outfit lay – in my strong shoulders, the sharp lapel, and the stern look that immediately presented on my face. Before, I slumped over, afraid to take up space. But now, I was now the boss bitch around town. I was coming for you. Bitch.


It soon came over me that this is how other blazer-wearing people feel all the time. “Maybe I’ll fire someone,” I thought to myself, before heading out for my dog-walking job. The thrill was insane.


When I took the blazer off at the end of the day (I got ice cream on it when I said, “Fuck it, we’re eating ice cream now too”), something was off. In my regular hoodie, I felt, like a girl again. I knew I needed more of that confidence-inducing business chic drug.


So the next day, I went out and purchased seven identical blazers. Now I’m ready for anything. I can parallel park with ease. I don’t hesitate before ordering at restaurants. I want a steak, and I want it now!



I’ve talked to my therapist about going off my anxiety meds. She thinks that might be premature, but does admit something about me is… different. And that something is my blazer.