I LIVED IT: I Wanted to Order Pizza But My Partner Made a Delicious Meal for Us Instead

I Lived it:

Relationships are all about compromise, and I know that now better than I ever have before. My partner Max and I have been living together for two years now, and while we’ve had some issues in the past that we’ve successfully worked through, what happened last night simply put us back over the edge. I’m not sure how we’re going to recover from this, but yesterday my partner thoughtlessly made us a delicious home-cooked meal when I was very much going to order a pizza.


What was he thinking? Can I ever trust him again?


Yesterday at work, eating a nice, hot, cheesy pizza was the sole thing I spent the arduous workday (sending three emails) looking forward to. Once I walked through the door, I saw a cloud of steam in the kitchen and Max sweating over a hot pan. “Hey, honey!” they told me. “I’m making fajitas tonight! I know it’s your favorite!”


While fajitas may be my favorite food in general, my favorite food tonight was pizza, but sadly Max didn’t seem to understand that.


My partner was so excited about the meal they’d shopped for, prepared, and now were cooking in a sequence of events that lasted over about an hour at that point, but I couldn’t help but be devastated about my dream of eating a $16 pizza instead.


I even had a coupon for it!


I do love my partner’s cooking, but sometimes I love eating pizza more, and they need to implicitly understand that without me having to use words. I’m still not sure why God let this happen to me, specifically.


Sure I could eat pizza the next day or something, but who knows if I’d even want it by then? When you have cravings, you need to act on them immediately, unless you have a kind and loving partner who insists on making dinner for you, like me. Ugh.



When we sat down to eat the delicious meal Max prepared for us, it was probably the best batch that they’d ever made. Too bad I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was trying to imagine that I was eating pizza instead. To deal with my emotions I sulked the entire meal which was confusing and upsetting for them, but it’s important to communicate your feelings.


Here’s hoping that in the future my partner doesn’t betray me again, and that one day I want pizza and am not sabotaged by my lover and best friend!