I LIVED IT: He Held the Door Open for Another Woman

I Lived it:

What started out as a lovely brunch with my boyfriend turned into a disaster when he did the unthinkable: he held the door open for another woman. With that simple act of chivalry, our love died. I thought I was the apple of his eye, but I guess I’m nothing more than another broad walking through a door.


As we arrived at my favorite brunch place, my boyfriend reached for the door, and in a grand romantic gesture, he held it open for me. What came next shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. As I finished passing through the doorway, another woman approached, and in a swift act of betrayal, my beau continued to hold the door open instead of letting it slam in her face.


I didn’t realize I was dating the neighborhood doorman, waiting for a random woman to walk in to put his gentlemanly nature on display.


Then, to make matters worse, she offered him a bland “thank you” and he replied “no problem.” If the whole door thing wasn’t enough, now they were falling in love in front of my very own eyes.


A door is not just a function of architecture; a door is a portal to love. A door is a first step into a romantic future. By my man holding a door open, he was opening himself up to admire another woman.


My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months, a time in a relationship where commitment is key. I wanted a traditional love where he treats me well and every other woman awful. I remembered on our first date he held the door open as we entered a Denny’s. So, the fact that the love of my life would betray me by holding the door open for any woman who slithers through is disgusting.


The fact that the door-holding happened while I was there made me worry about all the other times my man might’ve held the door open for women when I was away. Does he wait in empty doorways for a woman to appear just so he can hold the door open and seduce her?



A man who holds the door open for any lady is for the streets.


After this incident, I had to end my relationship not just for my own self-respect but out of respect for the other random women my boyfriend holds doors open for. They don’t deserve that two-timing lowlife, and neither do I. Remember ladies, when one door opens another door is also held open, hopefully by a richer and more attractive man.