I Have Already Thrown Back All of My Memories

I Lived it:

Thursday is the best day of the week because of the #TBTs, the “Throw Back Thursdays” where everyone can share photos and memories. Unfortunately, I will no longer be participating because I have no more memories to post.


That’s right: I have thrown back all of my memories.


I have checked everywhere for more memories. I scrolled all the way to the beginning of the camera roll on my phone, looked through old family photo albums, and even gone through my friend’s Facebook pictures for even the most grainy and embarrassing moments. But I have been an avid Instagrammer since May of 2012, and every Thursday since then I have posted one old picture to remind me of the good times. Between that and the occasional #FlashbackFriday, I’m absolutely tapped. And I can’t repeat a picture, because that’s for pathetic people.


Once I realized I was running out of my best memories, I started throwing back to bad moments in my life. Last week, I threw back my rejection letter from Harvard, captioned, “#TBT to when I got rejected from my dream Ivy League. I cried for 2 weeks. Still kind of mad I never got to go there.” The week before that, I threw back my family dog on its deathbed (miss you, Doodle!), and the week before that, a picture from the time I got gum stuck in my hair when I was 12 and had to shave half of my hair off. And before I knew it, I was done: No more memories to throw back.


It was like my entire life backstory was over.



I can’t help but wonder why I’ve run out of memories to throw back. Did my parents not take enough pictures? Or have I not been making enough memories? I take pictures of every meal I get at a restaurant, and every time I see an old friend, I force them to take a picture of me whether they want to or not. I was happy once! But now that I’m out of memories to share with my 524 Instagram followers, I feel so empty.


I’m trying not to be angry at those who have more memories to throw back, like my married friends who have wedding photographs to last them months. It seems as if people who are building a life together in the present may actually have more memories to throw back, but honestly, I’m not so sure. Maybe someone would marry me if I had a few more memories!


So if anyone wants to go roller-skating with me tomorrow where we can snap a few pics for next week’s #TBT, I’d really appreciate it. I have to start making memories fast, because I can’t go another Thursday without slapping the Juno filter on a dated photograph. It just doesn’t feel right.