How To Stay Calm Even Though Everyone Missed What You Just Said and It Was Really Good

It can be challenging to stay cool and collected in high-stress social situations – especially when you just said the funniest and most insightful thing you’ve probably ever said and somehow no one heard it. It’s time to stop worrying about the fact that you just made the greatest comment ever uttered by a human, because your life still has meaning, even though everyone missed what you just said and it was actually really amazing.


Slow Down

Emotions may overwhelm you, but do your best not to react immediately. Take a second to check in with yourself. Instead of letting your feelings get the best of you, take a step back from them and ask yourself why you’re feeling so upset. Sure, you said something truly incredible and groundbreaking that no one heard and, yes, everyone moved on with the conversation suspiciously quickly. But they probably just actually didn’t hear you. It’s crazy, because what you said was really funny and poignant, but whatever. Ha! That’s fine!



Stay Positive

It can be easy to fall into negative thought patterns, especially when you’re experiencing more stress than usual. Do what you can to disengage with that negativity and refocus your mind on something positive in your life. Even though you just made an incredibly insightful comment that, if anyone had heard, would have probably changed the lives of everyone around you. Don’t get hung up on the negative. Instead, smile at the knowledge that you are witty and smart enough to have made the comment in the first place. Look at you! So smart!


Don’t Get Trapped by the “What Ifs”

You may be tempted to consider asking the unhelpful question, ‘What if?’ but don’t focus on the things that could have happened. Like, for example, what if everyone had heard your super funny joke and laughed a ton? Focus instead on the facts, which are that no one heard you and they moved on to something else and there’ll probably never be a time when you can organically make that joke again. Don’t lose hope!


Look at the Big Picture

You may be feeling upset and disappointed now, but what about next week? Next year? In five years? The truth is, most of the things that give you stress right now probably won’t matter in a day, let alone a week. Except for this because everyone missed your perfect zinger and they will never know how truly great and special you are. Oh well – maybe it’s time to get new friends!


Use these tips to keep a cool head even though everybody in the room in some nightmare moment missed what you said completely and now you’ll have to die with no one having heard you. And if you’re not able to let it go, just say whatever you wanted to say again, but louder!