How to Regrow Part of Your Brain That Decides What to Eat for Dinner

Oh no!,It’s dinner time again and you don’t know what to make! But remember when there was a time you did – before the tragic accident where you specifically lost the part of your brain that knew what to eat for dinner? Well, hopefully we can help you tap into the last few brain cells that might still be able to help you decide what to eat for dinner!


Watch a cooking show.

If you’re completely out of ideas for what to eat tonight, watching a cooking show is perfect for observing how exactly someone goes about planning a meal and then putting it together. Watching these might stimulate that tiny, dormant corner of your frontal lobe that’s responsible for executive function, like thinking of what the chicken in your fridge could turn into if you cooked it a certain way. Try some shows out like Masterchef, Chopped, or Barefoot Contessa. Just don’t watch too much or else you’ll forget what you were doing and forget to make dinner altogether!


Go grocery shopping!

While this is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind, going to the grocery store without any idea of what you’re going to make can actually sometimes lead you to a decision about what you’ll have for dinner tonight! Surrounding yourself with ingredients is bound to lead to something, right? Seeing a fully made rotisserie chicken might trigger memories of when you used to make things like that all on your own.


Play some brain games.

If you need help rebuilding and strengthening your ever-weakening brain synapses, try out some brain games like sudoku, crossword puzzles, or maybe even chess! Unlike making dinner, these low-stakes games won’t cause you to spiral indefinitely when you can’t figure out how exactly one nourishes themselves as an adult human being. While this won’t necessarily give you ideas for dinner directly, it may help you to form ideas in general, which will hopefully lead you to decide what to eat at some point, eventually.



Struggling to decide what to have for dinner happens to the best of us, but it definitely gets annoying! If you can’t come up with what to eat for dinner and don’t know where to turn, follow the tips above to finally regrow the part of your brain that decides what to whip up in the kitchen later! Also, if you want to remember how to meal prep, you might just want to consider brain surgery!