How to Lose Weight So You Can Spend Every Waking Moment In Fear of Gaining It Back

There are lots of reasons why you might want to lose weight. Maybe it’s to feel more comfortable in your body because society tells you to be skinny, maybe it’s to finally pull off that bathing suit that you think you can’t because society tells you to be skinny, or maybe it’s because society tells you to be skinny. Whatever the reason, losing weight will be initially easier than you could have ever imagined if you use these three tips. Here’s how to lose weight so you can spend every waking moment in fear of gaining it back!


Drink water.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: drink water! Hydrating is essential to your body’s health regardless, but especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Drinking at least eight cups a day will help you feel full, and you’ll be shedding the LBs before you know it. Plus, it’ll give you something else to constantly worry about in addition to worrying every second about gaining that weight back! Drink up!



While what you eat has the most direct effect on weight loss, it’s also important to establish a regular exercise routine. Choose an exercise that’s fun for you or find a gym buddy who will hold you accountable for putting the hours in. While you work out you can listen to a podcast, pump-up music, or the voice in your head telling you-you’re going to gain back any weight you lose once you return to a lifestyle that is natural to you. Nothing wrong with a little sweat!



Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Loading your diet with more fruits and vegetables will help keep you full of nutrient-packed foods so you eat less processed snacks and empty carbs. If your friends are all grabbing ice cream, just say, “No thanks! I’d rather eat this apple.” The apple obviously has nothing on delicious ice cream, but if you keep this up, you’ll lose weight and then be able to stress unceasingly about gaining it back! Bon apple-tit!


So try out these tips to lose weight and then spend every moment in fear of gaining it back. Or you could just skip the whole thing and live your life? Nah, too relaxing!