How to Fight Off an Attacker Without Appearing Defensive

Confrontation can be uncomfortable: When faced with the challenge of being attacked randomly on the street, you might go straight into defense mode without hearing the other person out first. It always helps to communicate effectively and hear everyone’s point of view, so here’s how to fight off an attacker without being defensive:


Don’t take things personally.

Just because this person chose to ambush you, it doesn’t mean that they’re questioning your character. If you struggle with feeling inferior, then try doing some daily affirmations. By valuing yourself, you’ll be able to go into the situation head-on, because you fully understand your worth (but don’t let your attacker know what it is monetarily or they might try to rob you, too).




Oftentimes when we’re in uncomfortable situations, it can be difficult to actively listen to what the other person is saying. If you find yourself being attacked by someone, make sure to hold your tongue and really listen to what they’re saying, whether it’s “I don’t feel respected by you” or “Empty your fucking pockets”.


Use “I” statements.

Instead of accusing someone of what they did wrong, focus on expressing your own feelings to each other. You might be inclined to say things like “Stop!” or to take out your pepper spray, but remember that this doesn’t help solve the emotional problems between you and the assailant. Try politely telling them, “I feel threatened” or “I don’t like this”, instead.


If you’re worried about seeming defensive whether you’re in an argument or an active assault, then that’s great! It means that you empathize with others and want to hear everybody out before jumping to conclusions, even if they’re trying to punch you directly in the face. Next time you find yourself in a tough situation, try out these tips to fight off an attacker without looking defensive! They’ll be thankful that you did.