How to Decorate Your Apartment Even Though It Doesn’t Have a Fireman’s Pole so What’s the Point

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Decorating your apartment can be a fun and relaxing way to change around your space, but what are you supposed to do when you don’t have a firepole to design around? If this sounds like you, read the tips below for how to decorate your apartment even though it doesn’t have a fireman’s pole going from the top to the bottom floor so like what’s even the point?


Stay strong.

Even though you don’t have a firepole, you probably have some other cool things in your apartment, right? Maybe think about how nice your couch is, or your oven! Just because you don’t have a fireman’s pole, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still change the accent color of your apartment, or put up a couple new paintings! Sliding down through a hole in the ceiling would still be really cool though.


Make a Pinterest board.

If you can’t seem to think about redecorating your apartment without a firepole, consider making a Pinterest board! Pinterest is a great way to look at a variety of decorating ideas. Just make sure to hide any pins containing firefighters, fire stations, and most importantly fireman’s poles, even though they do look so fucking cool. That’s not in the cards for you…



Get a fireman’s pole.

If you find that you simply can’t decorate your apartment without a fireman’s pole, you should probably just get one installed. Try consulting with your landlord about it – they will definitely consider it because there’s no doubt that it would add more value to the apartment. And if they deny your request, you can always just install it yourself anyway! You won’t get your deposit back, but it will definitely be worth it. Now you can have guests over without being totally ashamed.


So if you’re struggling to decorate your apartment when it doesn’t even have a fireman’s pole, follow these tips to make sure that you’re living in your dream apartment anyway! You should probably just get a fireman’s pole, though. It’ll look so cool!