How Making a Vision Board Helped Me Manifest More Magazines

When I first started vision boarding, I had my doubts. Could what I had chalked up to aspirational collaging really have a positive impact in my life? Was it worth the time and energy? Any incredulity you may feel, I can guarantee I’ve experienced myself. However, all that changed when I dove headfirst past the insecurity, and began my practice. Here’s how making vision boards has had real results in helping me manifest so many more magazines.


When I made my first vision board, I started small. I grabbed some New Yorkers, my neighbor’s Vogue (I was in crisis), and a healthy cereal box with a woman doing yoga on the back, and just started cutting. As I pinned a West Elm couch and the word ‘STRENGTH’ from a Land Rover ad onto a broken down cardboard box, I started to wonder: Why was I imposing such limitations upon myself? How could I believe in the visions of my vision board if I couldn’t believe in the integrity of my vision board itself?


It was a hard question to confront, but by pushing through that discomfort I realized I needed to invest in myself by purchasing better magazines for my vision boarding. And there it was: My first lesson. I just didn’t know it yet…


As I stood at the grocery store checkout fingering the glossy pages of thick $7 home design magazines, fashion and health outlets, and the odd National Geographic (I do want to travel one day), I realized the vision board had already worked. I wasn’t just getting nicer magazines so I could start properly vee boarding, I was harnessing the goal-oriented energy that my first vision board put into the universe.


I could sense that this was only the beginning, and it was time to use the more potent energy of my higher quality board to achieve my greatest dreams, and great dreams call for great magazines. Like, quarterlies.


Now I’ve finally reached a point where nothing stands in the way of me manifesting magazines. I’ll even take the day off and head to a Hudson News to find the best of the best. (Yes, I go to the airport for magazines. Is it sustainable? No. Has repeatedly showing up at the gate with no luggage and asking for their cheapest one-way flight to anywhere put me on the no-fly list? Of course!)



Ultimately, I’m not trying to convert anyone, but I believe putting my story out there is something I owe the world, especially after all the gifts it has given me. Now it’s off to find a Forbes Magazine that will help me manifest a new job (someone took off one too many day to go to the airport – eek! Haha).


Happy vision boarding, babes!