How I Transformed My Fun Hobby Into A Lucrative, Emotionally Taxing Full-Time Gig

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to turn almost any hobby into your full-time job! You just have to work hard until you finally lose all the joy you once found in your passion. If you admire me for turning my weird, delightful hobby into the soul-crushing profitable career I have now, here’s how I took my joy and squashed it:


A few years ago, I just had a strange hobby that was a just a fun little thing to get me through the day. Now I’m making a medium amount of money off of it and I’m mildly happier than I was before! How did I do it? I figured out how to get others interested. Just like that girl who pushes her face on bread, I made a business by recognizing that people enjoy my interest with a sense of mild amusement which I can sometimes monetize. And you can take your hobby and turn it into a product or service others would sort of love, too! Then, like me, you can devote all your time and effort into that thing and actually start to hate it once it’s a mandatory element of your life!


Next, I found my demographic. Do you like teaching animals to twerk? There’s an audience for that! Do you paint pictures of dicks onto household goods? There’s an audience for that, too! Find your little weirdo audience and sell to them until your former passion is now your only source of income and greatest source of stress. This is the only way to truly crush your fun hobby into millions of tiny pieces until it is basically unrecognizable as something you enjoy! You get to be your own boss and now every bit of the responsibility is on your shoulders and it will push you down deeper and deeper until you can no longer enjoy fun! Because fun is work now and this is what success looks like. Wow!



Once you figure out how to get your product to the masses, the rest is just business. Hollow, empty, money-sucking business to which you will now devote 80 hours per week. And you won’t have a relaxing hobby to distract you from your day job because your hobby is now deal, bled dry of any morsel of fun you used to associate with it. Aren’t you glad you’re such a go-getter?


You’re so lucky to have a hobby you really enjoy. Why not take these steps into turning that hobby into a full-time exhausting commitment? You can do anything you put your mind to!