Hey It’s Me, Your Friend Who Posts Candid Photos of Everyone

What’s up! It’s me—your firecracker friend who takes candid photos at every party and savagely tags every single person…especially those caught in a sneeze or yawn, with a double chin, red eye, or exposed undergarment. Fun, right?


I can tell that you guys don’t always love the photos I post, but as my torso tattoo indicates, I base my life on the authentic and unfiltered moments that define our lives. So when I’m snappin’ away while you’re like taking a huge bite of your pasta, it’s because I’m just trying to live my truth!


One thing you need to know about me is I love photography. Or, as I like to call it, phonetography. I guess I just see the world in a different way than you do, which is through my phone camera and without your permission.


I believe every moment is a moment worth sharing, no matter how flattering that moment is.


I get that some of our friends are like, “Please stop taking unflattering pictures of me and posting them.” But to that I say, “What are you really afraid of?” Because, as I’ve blogged about before, I just can’t help how real I am!



Remember last year on my birthday when Sarah posted an unposed photo of me blowing my candles out that I made my profile picture? That was also technically candid. So, yeah, I know what it means to be authentic in my own life, too.


Sure, maybe it was insensitive to post that candid photo of everyone around the bonfire where you could sorta see up Megan’s skirt but that’s sort of on her for not wearing cuter underwear. Basically what I’m saying is please just respect my honest, candid art. Like, did you hear that? You’re my art! Doesn’t that already make you feel better?! Now, excuse me, I have to go take some low-angle pics of my friends waiting for their coffee.