Here’s Exactly What to Say in An Online Dating Message

Dating online can be a fun way to meet lots of single guys, but are you saying the right thing? We’ve analyzed over 20 messages to find out exactly what girls should be saying in their first message to get the most replies from the hottest guys. Here’s what we gleaned from the data:



We were surprised about this too, but it turns out that apologizing profusely about your appearance can win you major points with dudes. Here are the apologies that top the list:



Don’t be too literate.

It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes sounding too literate can work against you. While certain words are unanimously frowned upon, such as, “I read in your profile,” “I have kids,” “looking for the right someone,” we found some more intriguing results for what does work:




Avoid words.

As you can see here, you should just avoid them:




Consider doing sex for him.

While we see this one as a little tongue-in-cheek, the data doesn’t lie: You should definitely consider performing sex for him if you want to see any kind of response to your message.





Don’t pry too much into his life.

An introductory message should be bright and cheery. Men don’t want to feel like they’re being grilled by their mothers.



When it comes to online dating, the research is conclusive: Keep it simple (that’s just the data!).